It is astonishing to think that we have been cycling to Queenstown for ten years!

The ups and downs have not all been on the road but we have managed to survive and continue to grow notwithstanding adverse weather conditions of all sorts.’

We have had unexpected last minute route changes; we have had extremely interesting and often ( frustrating ) bureaucracy; we have been arrested; and we have had to deal with behind the scenes power plays. But here we are on the brink of notching up 10 years of doing good while making lifelong memories and enduring friendships.

For many the 1965Ride has effected life changes. For some it was the realisation that doing good creates meaning. For others it created an understanding of a new and exhilarating lifestyle. And for the most important people in the equation, our Bursar Ambassadors, this hand up has given them a chance at a good, life-enriching education. We are proud of them and most of them have made extremely good use of the opportunity and chosen to thrive and grow. We hope they will continue and eventually be the leaders our country desperately needs.

As we launch this new Website we would like to thank all of you who have contributed to our achievements in so many ways. In particular we would like to thank:

  • The Bursar Ambassadors for inspiring us
  • The Schools in the Queenstown Education Foundation family for encouraging us
  • The Sponsors for providing the wherewithal to do what we do
  • The Cyclists who made major sacrifices to spend 9 days on a hard saddle for the benefit of others who just need a hand-up
  • Our Support Teams who make sure we are well cared for and arrive safely – a special thanks to Alderson Ambulance, Barkers Insurance Brokers and Life Healthcare who have been part of the 1965Ride family since Day 1
  • The myriad of other people who helped us in so many ways often not visible to others but critical to us

We hope that this initiative will go and grow from strength to strength so that the Education Endowment Fund can continue to fund and support quality education in our country, especially in the Queenstown district and particularly our partners the Queenstown education Foundation and its member schools

Finally a special thanks to Warren and Stephen of Anderson Online Marketing for the creation of our beautiful new website!